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Posted on:July 11, 2011 at 12:53 AM

Installing RefineryCMS on Dreamhost

Installing RefineryCMS on Dreamhost

RefineryCMS is a rails3 based CMS(contents management system).

Installing Refinery CMS should be straight forward but installing it on Dreamhost didn’t work when I followed the instruction. So I had to find a way to go around some of the pitfalls.


  1. Create an shell user account and a domain with passenger enabled in dreamhost panel.
  2. Install refinerycms Gem
gem install refinerycms


  • This didn’t work in my case, so I had to find workaround
  • gem install stall for a while and didn’t move. hope dreamhost fix it soon.
  1. Create my app
refinerycms myapp


  • This didn’t work either. It gave the sqlite3 error of such
  1. Create my app with mysql Since I don’t using sqlite3, I used the following command.
refinerycms myapp -d mysql -u mydbuser -p mydbpassword
  1. However, it didn’t give you an option to set the host file. It will create a default rails app but it won’t go any further on database setup. Set up the the database by editing /config/database.yml file.

Set up database name, user name, user password and hostname.

  1. Create mysql database in dreamhost way. Use dreamhost panel, create the databases.

  2. Run the rake task

bundle exec rake -f "/home/w_starliz_web/www/Rakefile" db:create
  1. db migration
bundle exec rake db:migrate

Now the app should be ready for passenger.

  1. Open up the refinerycms in the web browser. It should show the refinerycms first login page. Create a user account and set up the site name.

That’s it! Now it works

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