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Posted on:March 20, 2019 at 07:00 PM

WebGL/WebVR at GDC 2019

WebGL/WebVR at GDC 2019
Dave Evans, PlayCanvas
Andrew Best, Toyota Research Inc,
Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab
Ricardo Cabello, Three.js
Gary Hsu, Microsoft
Robert Long, Mozilla
Vangelis Kokkevis (Toyota Research Inc.) - Vangelis and team will present TRI's autonomous car driving visualizations, powered by CesiumJS, 3D Tiles, glTF, and WebGL!

Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab) - Alban will present Sketchfab's latest visual improvements and features such as configurators, making it the ideal choice for product visualization on the web!

Dave Evans (PlayCanvas): Dave will discuss the latest features in the PlayCanvas engine, including integrated, collaborative version control for your entire game and all of its assets!

Ricardo Cabello (Three.js) - Ricardo will present the latest advancements in the ubiquitous Three.js library, including enhancements to its physically-based rendering model which make web graphics look better than ever before!

Gary Hsu (Microsoft) - Gary will be presenting the latest developments in Babylon.js including support for ECMAScript 6 modules, our experiences using the WebGL multiview extension in Babylon.js and latest updates to tools for debugging WebGL and glTF.

Robert Long (Mozilla): Robert will present an update on Hubs, the Spoke editor, and how the team has optimized Hubs for use on standalone VR headsets and mobile devices.

07:00 Browser Team, Ken Russel, Google

  • Filament -> physically based rendering
  • Wolfensteine -> on webgl
  • try webgl 2.0
  • KHR_parallel
  • Multi-Draw
    • WEBGL_Multi_draw extension
  • WEBGL_Video_texture
  • WebGL in Multi-threaded WebAssembly
    • in chrome 74

07:09 Dave Evans, PlayCanvas

07:18 Andrew Best, Toyota Research Inc,

07:30 Sketchfab, Enter new dimensions

  • Alban Denoyel, Sketchfab [email protected]
  • 1 billion page views, 2 million 3d models, 2 million users
  • store turns 1 year old
    • 100+ selleers are making $1000
  • download api
    • 180k+ 3d gltf format
    • download your own models
  • sketchfab MASSIVE
  • viewer api
    • v1.5
  • realtime shader
  • ground shader
  • clear coat
  • model inspector
  • bone inspector, bone influence
  • screen space reflection, follman 2.0G
  • anisotropy

7:40 three.js

7:52 Energy Compensation in three.js

8:00 babylon.js

0817 Social VR on the web with Mozilla Hubs

that’s all

  • slides will be available on khronos wiki
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