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Posted on:March 23, 2018 at 02:00 AM

WebGL, WebVR at Game Developers Conference

WebGL, WebVR at Game Developers Conference

Thursday, March 22, 2018 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM


44 Tehama Street · San Francisco, CA

1. The making of the CESIUM autonomous car simulation
2. Issac's webgl demos
3. SketchFab
4. JanusVR
5. glTF Speed-Round
6. PlayCanvas

1. The making of the CESIUM autonomous car simulation

Why Simulation?

  • CESIUM, 3d mapping platform for sensors and visiblity and different sources: point cloudsvector data, 3d model
  • drons cloecting data, sattlite collecting data

Miilion Mile View

  • CZML, gltf

  • model car, modo and oj

  • CZML: car’s telemetry

    • json schema for time varying values: position, orientation, speed
    • distrutbe simulations
  • 3d titles:

    • philadelphia pohtogrammetry model
    • 280000 photos from aircraft by aerometries
  • 3d titles: dublin point cloud

    • aerial laser scan by dublin and nyu
  • 3d tiles: dublin point cloud

  • classification with cesiumjs

  • cesium world terrain and bing maps

  • rendering budgets

    • few million points
  • clients are all open source

2. Issac’s webgl demos

  • Isaac Cohen (aka Cabibo) - Isaac will be showing off some of his latest amazing WebGL accomplishments.



  • webgl demo

  • 4 objects + same shader

  • different dynamics

  • storytelling

3. SketchFab


  • Alban Denoyel (SketchFab) - not sure if you guys have noticed but SketchFab is killing it these days!

  • Alban will be demonstrating some of the features in the latest release of SketchFab. It’s pretty cool!

  • sketchfab download api

    • search and import sketchfab content from any application
    • 150,000+ models in gltf CC license
    • 13 live integration inluding unity and unreal
  • how to make money?

    • buy & sell 3d assets
    • 3d store is not new
    • 30% cut,
  • mobile apps with vr & ar support

    • arkit, arcore, webview, 2.6M models to explore
  • how to make money by selling 3d model

    • not likely it appears
    • trying to be sound-cloud for 3d
    • but there are other vendors like turbosquid

4. JanusVR

  • James Baicoianu - JanusVR James and his team at JanusVR have been doing some cool stuff with WebGL, “re-imagining web pages as collaborative 3D webspaces connected by portals.” They have also developed their own markup language “JML”. James will be talking about how they use Web Components to build JanusWeb. He’ll also show us how to build some basic interactive WebVR components like buttons, sliders, etc and how to link those building blocks together to make a custom WebVR experience.

  • javausvr web components:

  • currency?

5. glTF Speed-Round

  • Gary Hsu, Microsoft - glTF asset generator deep dive
  • Mike Bond, Adobe - Dimension glTF export and the environment extension

Af tew highlights

  • unity joined gltf importer/exporter
  • unreal 4.19 supports gltf
  • facebook supports gltf
  • sketchfab has over 150k gltf models
  • projects
    • gltf-vscode gltf-validator
    • gltf-asset-generator
    • gltf-sample-models
  • vibrant opens=0source community
  • not just for the web

gltf speed-round

  • gary hsu, microsoft
  • gltf ecosystem
  • gltf-sample-models
  • consumers

support full spec?

  • babylon vs windows mixed reality viewer
  • doesn’t look the same
  • problem
    • need something to isolate individual features

gltf asset generators

  • generates models for testing individusal features in gltf
  • gltf-assset-generator in github
  • create the table to break it into smaller pieces
  • so it can be compared
  • currently three.js and babylon.js
  • current coverage
    • tree picture
  • gltf binary format

Adobe Dimension Dn

  • mike from adobe
  • made for designers with no 3d experience
  • gltf exporter avail next month

6. PlayCanvas

  • Dave Evans (PlayCanvas) - Dave will be giving us an update on the latest PlayCanvas features, including glTF support.

    • facebook instant games
      • golden boot
      • master archer
      • basketball against friends
      • mini-golf: putt paradise
    • web games

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