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Posted on:March 3, 2017 at 12:00 AM

WebGL/WebVR meetup at GDC 2017

WebGL/WebVR meetup at GDC 2017

WebGL/WebVR meetup at GDC 2017

WebGL/WebVR at GDC 2017
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Thursday, March 2, 2017
6:30 PM
44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA (map)

Google Team - Announcing WebGL 2.0!

Khronos Group - announcing openXR!

Ricardo Cabello (MrDoob) - ThreeJS Update Amber Roy (Oculus) - ReactVR Update

W3C - we will have an update from the W3C regarding the progress towards advancing a Declarative WebVR standard.

Josh Carpenter (Google) - Josh will be briefing us more about his vision for declarative WebVR.

Diego Margos (MosVR) - Diego will be giving us a briefing on A-Frame (

Gavan Wilhite (AltSpace VR) - Gavan will give us a tour through the landscape of VR web apps people have been building and using in AltspaceVR, as well as sharing with us how they have started using A-Frame to bring native game engine features into the browser.

Ilia Glazkov (JauntVR) - Ilia has built Jaunt’s web player. Ilia will be talking on on building out a web player for 360° video, covering the WebGL, spatial audio, variable bitrate streaming, and the guided viewing experience.

Stephanie Hurlburt (Binomial) - Universal Texture Compression Format

Hugues Evrard, Paul Thomson (Imperial College London) -
GraphicsFuzz: assessing WebGL robustness and safety

Saurabh Bhatia (Microsoft) & Patrick Cozzi (Cesium) - glTF Ecosystem Update Including PBR

Saurabh Bhatia, and/or Gary Hsu - glTF and Microsoft

glTF Physically Based Rendering Demos (20 minutes)

Max Limper (Fraunhofer) - PBR-ready glTF in instant3Dhub / instantUV

Cedric Pinson (Sketchfab) - Skletchfab

Mohamad Moneimne (Univ. of Pennsylvania) - WebGL glTF PBR reference implementation

Jian Ru (Univ. of Pennsylvania) - glTF PBR in Vulkan Engine


1) Neil Travor

  • Khronos NEws at GDC 2017,
  • webvr, webgl, gltf, vulkan, openxr(vr stuff)
  • OpenXR
  • solve VR fragmentation
  • device layer, application interface
  • working group members
  • 3d portablility api
  • webgl next, SPIR, Vulkan
  • 3D portability
  • SPIR, mir, msl, dxil glsl hlsl -> open source compiler/translator for shading and intermediate laguates

2 KEN, google working group for WebGL [mo, kai, jeff]

  • WebGL 2.0
  • first optional release, WebGL 2.0 is shipped
  • avail on Chrome/Firefox
  • 38% Desktop support
    • after the flood
    • powered by play canvas
    • runs in the browser

3 @mrdoob,, three.js 7th year

  • 84 releases, ~750 contributors
  • mashup music player
    • 5572320
  • ludum dare 35
  • hordes, web socket, online world
  • A-Frame framework for build
  • React VR:
  • documentation @looeee
  • geometry -> buffergemoetry THREE.BufferAttribute( new Float32Array(), 3)
  • @mugen87, TorusKnowBugfferGeometry
  • GLTFLoader, now loading all conformance tests, @donmccurdy, @takahirox
  • GLTF2Loader, glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) is a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications. glTF minimizes both the size of 3D assets, and the runtime processing needed to unpack and use those assets. glTF defines an extensible, common publishing format for 3D content tools and services that streamlines authoring workflows and enables interoperable use of content across the industry.
  • Matrix*: Float32Array() -> []
  • Simple GI, @iquilezles
  • Instanced Mesh
  • Interactive Scene
  • ArrayCamera(Stereo Camera)
  • WebGL2: WebGL2 Renderer -> BufferGeometry only


  • bring your website into 3d

5 Amber Roy(Oculus) React VR:

  • mar 24, google office in SF
  • on top of three.js
  • react-native core, flexbox, transpiling
  • conform to WebVR spec, runs on any webvr browser

6 Diego Margos (MosVR)

  • web framework for building VR experiences
  • entity-componet-system
  • registery -> asset store
  • inspector -> gui tool
  • gltf store -> deprecate collada
  • community examples: kevin.. curator for this blog
  • WebVR Studio, Tools
  • Shaders, Real Estate - iStaging, Live Tour

7 Gavan Wilhite (AltSpace VR)

  • similar to what we did back in JustLeapIn
  • converts three.js scene into unity objects
  • holograms agains humanity
  • three.js + + node.js

8 Ilia Glazkov (JauntVR)

  • cinematic VR
  • spatial audio
  • google omnitone js let decoder = Monitone.createFOADecoder(audioContext, videoElement, {}) // Fuma Source decoder.initialzie

9 Hugues Evrard, Paul Thomson (Imperial College London)

  • GraphicsFuzz: assessing WebGL robustness and safety
  • problem: defective drivers
  • automatically generating minimal shader.
  • semantics preserving transformations: variant shaders
  • bug gallery:
    • AMD, Apple, ARM, Imagination, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm
  • security bugs:
    • bogpost

10 Stephanie Hurlburt (Binomial) - Universal Texture Compression Format

  • Basis: texture compressor
  • mipmap, cuebemap,
  • Jpeg for textures: uncompressed on GPU => NoGo
  • GPU formats: varys, big, not friendly for web
  • Basis: One format, size of JPEG and transcode to GPU format
  • encoder, file format, runtime transcoder
  • donating to glTF
  • perf stat

11 Tony Parisi glTF - The standarized 3d delivery format

  • audio: mp3
    • video: h.264
    • image: jpeg
    • 3d: gltf
  • gltf
    • compact to transmit, fast to load, describes full scenes, runtime neutral, extensible
  • strong gltf momentum
  • started 2012 and 2015 gltf 1.0 spec, dec 2015 gltf 1.0
  • 2017 spring gltf 2.0
  • gltf 2.0 scene description structure
    • .gltf(JSON), .bin(gemoetry, animation, skins(inverse-bind matrices)), textures(.png, .jpg)

12 Patrick Cozzi (Cesium)

  • ecosystem
  • glTF roadmap discusssion
    • extensions for api and launage specifics : dx12, metal, GLSL, HLSL, SPIR-V, METAL C++
    • Mesh compression, draco team at google
    • geometry streaming : fraunhofer src
    • unified texture compression

13 Saurabh Bhatia (Microsoft)

  • glTF 2.0 PBR Physically based rendering
  • metallc-roughness material model

14 Gary Hsu

15 Max Limper (Fraunhofer) - PBR-ready glTF in instant3Dhub / instantUV

16 Cedric Pinson (Sketchfab) - Skletchfab

17 Mohamad Moneimne (Univ. of Pennsylvania) - WebGL glTF PBR reference implementation

18 Jian Ru (Univ. of Pennsylvania) - glTF PBR in Vulkan Engine

19 tjsdoc, tjsdoc- lightwaeight java game library for android vulkan binding, native

20 june 27th san francisco please submit your work

  • Action Item:
    • check out SPIR
    • check out: playcanvas, sketchfab, floored
    • check out the slide deck from Ken
    • check out ReactVR, find on github
    • check out aframe
    • try use gltf on nest3d and view many samples
    • try using binomial texture compression
    • check out websites from squarespace
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