About Me

Michael Kang


Software engineer for 22 years of experience and I still enjoy it a lot. I am a passionate, organized, detail-oriented and fast learning person who take pride in my work. I have been designing, building, deploying and operating many software products using the right tools in various environment. I like working on scalability, performance, design and great user experience.


  • Language: Python, JavaScript, (Ruby PHP, C#/, C / C++, Lua, Perl)
  • Web Backend Framework: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Flask, CodeIgniter
  • Web Frontend Framework: React.js, ES6, Angular.js, jQuery, WebGL, SASS, HTML5, REST
  • DevOps: Kubernates, Ansible, Docker, Chef, Capistrano, jenkins, ELKS, logstash, statsd, monit, nagios, puppet
  • Mobile: react-native, firebase, expo
  • Store: PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, MSSQL, mongoDB, Oracle, firebase
  • OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux(Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora, RHES) and POSIX(IBM-AIX, Sun Blade), IOS
  • Cloud: AWS, Google Compute Engine, Heroku, OpenStack
  • Version Control: git, (svn, cvs, clearcase, perforce)
  • 3D Engines: Unity3D, Unreal 4, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, GLSL, WebGL
  • DCC: Maya, Nuke, Phusion, Premier, Photoshop