Projects 2010 Version

List of my preivous projects:

IDX Project Name Year Description Platform Technology
1 Azitro3D 2009~2010 Web based 3D Virtual World Web Based Unity3D/C#/C++/PHP
2 English Bean 2009~2010 Online G-Learing English Web Unity3D/SFS/C#/Action Script/MySQL
3 Samsung Mobile 3D UI 2009 Samsung Mobile 3D UI Mobile C/OpenGL ES 2.0/Mobile
4 Just Leap in 2009 3D Social Network Site Mac Win Web(IE,FF) Unity3D/C#/C++/Perl
5 GongStage 2007 Act and Play Rehersal Software Win C++/MFC/Ogre3D/Boost /Python
6 GongPath 2007 Software Renderer in Super Computer Sun Blade C++/LuxRender/Boost/CMake
7 SuperUrban 2007 City sun light analysis Software IBM AIX C++
8 LidarSee 2007 Lidar Data Visualization Win C++/MFC/FBXSDK
9 mVR Framework 2007 Mobile VR Framework Win C++/Cg
10 GxGLauncher 2006 Mobile steam with Flash UI Mobile WIPI-C
11 GHCT 2006 Hardware Certification Tests Mobile WIPI-C/GIGA
12 CFD Crowd Simulator 2006 CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics) Crowd Simulation Win C++/OpenGL/Cg
13 Megamax 2005 Toolset for Internet Cafe operation Win Web C++/MFC/ActiveX
14 LegendES 2005 RPG Test Application Mobile WIPI-C/GIGA/OpenGLES
15 SKT Consulting 2005~2007 Provided technical guidance to SK Telecom in international collaboration    
16 Premium Mobile 3D Game 2006~2007 Evanglist of GxG (Premium Mobile 3D game)    
17 ATI Mobile 3D Integration 2005 Porting of ATI Rooms Demo for Imageon 238x Mobile ATI PCI Board WIPI-C/GIGA/OpenGLES
18 Next Gen GIGA Project 2005 Giga Class 4 Speecification Establishment    
19 House Box 2005 House Interior VR Simulator Win C++/Kz3DEngine/MaxExporter/OpenGL
20 Posco House Designer 2004 Web Based 3D House Design System Web C++/ActiveX/OpenGL/COM
21 Youngheun Taean Power Plant Management System 2004 Taean Power Plant Facility Management System Win  
22 KOPEC Walkinside Integration 2004 Walkinside Customization to KOPEC's IPIMS design system Workstation WalkInside/C++
23 Youl Systems Intranet 2003 Youl Systems In-House Management System Win PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/HTML
24 Web3D 2003 Nuclear Power Plant Facility Mangement System Web PHP/MySQL/Shockwave3D
25 3D Subway Facility Management System 2003 Subway Station Facility Mangement System Workstation C++/WorldUp/JavaScript/Oracle
26 Samsung Digital Palace 2 2003 Samsung Digital Palace 2nd Win C++/OpenGL/WooriEngine
27 Samsung Digital Palace 2002 Samsung Digital Palace 1st Win C++/OpenGL/MFC/ODBC
28 Sumie Painting 2002 Sumuk Painter that simulates the sumuk draWing process Win C++/OpenGL
29 MediaCity 2002 2002 Installation Art for Media City 2002 Win C++/OpenGL