Lead Developer Meetup

[0700] Intro

Host: Christian McCarrick (VP of Engineering, Auth0)

Bio: Christian is the VP of Engineering at Auth0. He is dedicated to improving the craft of software engineering leadership. He volunteers his time to mentor through the Everwise and Plato networks and teaches engineering workshops for new engineering managers. He also hosts a popular podcast called SimpleLeadership where he interviews top technology leaders in order to help other managers grow and be successful.

[0705] Time Management for Engineering Managers

  • Vidal Graupera (Engineering Manager, Uber)

Bio: Vidal works as an engineering manager at Uber and previously at Autodesk and Walmart Labs. He runs managersclub.com where he’s interviewed 65+ different engineering leaders. One of the questions he asks everyone is “What’s your workday like and how do you manage your time, emails, etc.?”. Besides personal experience and study into this topic of productivity and time management, Vidal has collected the answer to this question from 65 different leaders to collect best practices and the common themes.


Time management is a constant challenge for all EMs. And as an EM everybody wants a piece of you, right? This can be especially overwhelming for new managers. I will share tips, tactics, and strategies to get things done based on over 65 interviews of engineering managers and my personal experience. Topics include planning your day, time boxing, emails, calendar management, to-do lists, and effective meetings.

slide: https://manaagersclub.com/talks

[0730] Let’s talk about money

  • Jess Mink (Sr. Director of Engineering, Auth0)

Bio: Jess Mink is a software engineering leader with over a decade of experience. She’s worked in larger organizations like Amazon and the Naval Research Laboratory, but most of her career has been in the wild world of startups. She’s currently Director of Engineering at Auth0, and was previously VP of Product at Call9.

Are you responsible for deciding how someone else is performing and what they should be paid? This talk is for you. We’ll cover the basics of using a career map to evaluate performance and set career goals. From there we’ll delve into how to determine raises in a transparent, predictable way that centers the conversation on performance by using salary bands.

The Lead Developer is an international conference for technical leaders and engineering managers in London, Berlin, Austin and New York. Check out 100+ talk videos on imposter syndrome, leading and scaling technical teams, and lots more at theleaddeveloper.com.

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