Google Data Studio

topic 1. Visualize all your data with Data Studio

  • competitor: tableauer, looker

Data Studio

  • free to use
  • google’s viz/reporting
connect > analyze > visualize > share

different connectors: twitter, google analytics, postgres, google sheets,

  • web api, csv/json/xml, jdbc api, apps script service
  • community connector
  • 100 connectors to 500 data sources

apps script => subset of es5 => js script on the platform community connector -> use alone, share, securely share within organization

  • google big query 1.6G big query -> export to datastudio big query is not free two tiers of caching to reduce cost

Data Studio Chart Library

how to share -> iframe, oembed

use as presentation

developer experience

  • “chrome user experience report”
  • 5 million website and load time data
  • distribution of that
  • good to check

bigquery -> monthly, aggregate result bigquery -> once per origin, cache cloudfirestore -> cache apps script cache

  • free BI/reproting solution
  • connect to any source and viz

Q) on promise data A) cloudsql or bigquery, apigee to create to REST api,

CloudSQL -> cost in storage


action item

  • play with google data studio
  • check “chrome user experience report”
  • check blog:
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