WebGL WebVR Meetup at Google

[0700.. 0800] Lingfei Meng (MuraVision) - Muravision makes a device that does scan-based PBR texturing. He will be there to give a brief talk on PBR textures and also to give a live demonstration.

[0800..0830] Josh Carpenter and Iker Jamardo (Google) - Experiments in AR for the Web

[0830..0900] Gareth Morgan (Axum Graphics) - Axum Graphics is developing, Auteurist. It is an entirely WebGL-based 3D content creation tool for filmmakers, that renders photo-realistic video (both conventional and 360-degree).   

[0900..0930] Jamieson Brettle (Google) - Overview of the Draco project which is focusing on compressing 3D assets for delivery on the web.  They are working towards having Draca be part of the glTF2.0 specification.

[0920..0940] Will Eastcott (PlayCanvas) - PlavCanvas has some exciting updates to share with the group having to do with AR....

[] Tony Parisi (Unity) - Tony will give us an update on the state of glTF. *IF* he's not traveling to New York on the 28th.

MURA vision

The Argumented Reality Web


Draco 3D Compression



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var promise = navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(const)

var vide = document.createElement(;video')
video.setAttributes(''); # for full screen
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var hiro = new pc.Entity("Hiro Marker")
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