Redux and React in ES6, Ch#04

Redux React Ch#04

  • ch#04: 38~46

Initial App Structure

  • create app foundation
    • create our first pages
    • create layout
    • configure routing
    • setup navigation

create initial componetns

  • create /src/components directory
  • two components
    • /src/components/home/home_page.js
    • /src/components/about/about_page.js

Create app layout

  • create /src/components/app.js

Create route file

  • create /src/routes.js

Update the entry point

  • update in src/index.js to send the data

Create Sytles.css

  • create /src/styles/styles.css

Hook everything up

created courses_page componet

  • create /src/components/course/courses_page.js