Nuke 6.3 Seminar

Nuke 6.3

  • new grid warp/spline warp
  • speed -faster
  • new denoise
  • planar tracker

  • displacement/normal shader

  • 3d particles
  • deep compositing
  • audio scratch track
  • toolsets/node presets . developers based features:
  • qt 4.6 lgpl - open ui extendable with pyqt
  • developers guide *** 4 tech writers, c++ coding day. docs going

tracker.. track the marker..

planar-track come up in the curve editor. curve editor.


show noise dpx => much compressed. there is a tutorial on the website


add grid. delete grid. link this to tracker


AudioRead Node. wav

audio amplifier will show up in curve editor color wheel will move in preproces nicely particles & sound amplitutude


100x100 grid normal input -> scanline renderer -> level of displacement

#localise localize and disk cache in big company. greater speed advantage. don’t have to have many disk cache nodes


game idea. -> particle engine and voice amplitude each particle can have its own geo and action high level of scripting will be release in 6 weeks around siggraph time.

switched to linux dell laptop

===== Mari =====

seems to be a texture painter on 3d mesh

Mari -> needs latest graphics card.

it used to developed for avatar… Lion will fix the opengl issue on mac but until then you’re stuck gtx 480 ro 580 or guattro. mari handles mesh, tex, anim. uv map 2k^2.

Edge mark

===== handshake between Mari and Nuke ===== exr = deep 32bit UV or PTex(= ability to paint on geo without uv. came from disney’s technology) export the footage from nuke to mari edit the texture in mari bring back to nuke

OpenGL 2.0 and cuda that they are using in Lion, OpenCL will be in.

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