Linux Screen Command

Linux screen

ssh [email protected]
screen -rx  # this should normally work, as long as I don't have multiple screen sessions running on the machine

Screen Hotkeyss ctrl-a, a = switch sessions ctrl-a, esc = enter scrollback mode ctrl-a, d = detach from screen session up arrow, down arrow = navigate scrollback esc = escape scrollback mode

ctrl a, n = next screen ctrl a, p = prev screen ctrl a, c = open new window

Screen Tutorial screen

screen -rx

^A ? help ^A c open new window ^A n next window ^A p prev window ^a k kill current window ^a d detach current window screen -ls show the screen available

[[email protected] root]# screen -ls There are screens on: 31619.ttyp2.gigan (Detached) 4731.ttyp2.gigan (Detached) 2 Sockets in /tmp/screens/S-root. screen -r 31619.ttyp2.gigan attach back to the screen (resume) ===> it didn’t work screen -

screen -r 10662 pid . attach back to the screen (resume) screen -x attach back to the screen (resume) ===> it worked ^a h creates a running log of the session ^a a

^a esc copy mode, so you can go up and down of the log

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