Trac Installation on Dreamhost

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  1. Install SVN through dreamhost web panel: “Goodies>Subversion”.
  2. Install Trac through dreamhost web panel: “Goodies> One-Click Installs”.
    1. Install more new website software - Advanced mode.
    2. Click Trac and hook up with svn repository just made.
  3. Add your user and authentification through Htaccess/WebDAV.
  4. In order to add Admin, log in to your shell account and type the following to add admin.
trac-admin /path/to/trac/project permission add your-username TRAC_ADMIN
  1. Open the trac with your browser and log in as a admin account, change the settings as you wish.
  2. Change the trac.css, the default one is ugly, /path/to/trac/projects/htdocs/css/trac.css.
  3. Set up subversion hooks, this hook forces the users to write a ticket number against the trac. The hooks that I use can be found here. Need to edit “post-commit”, “pre-commit” file to match your path.
  4. Set the permission of /path/to/trac/db directory to 777.
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