Successfully Built a Production Pipleline: SVN + Unity3D + + Publish To Web

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As the number of the Unity3D web projects has increased, I was looking for a decent way of automating deployment.

I took some time to research and read some articles about it and finally get it all working.

The whole build pipeline was set up on Windows machine and SVN and TRAC has setup on Linux in a different machine.

Check these articles and I’m sure any one can do the same without too much of hassle.

A few notes:

  • Even though Unity doesn’t allow multiple instances when it’s running in editor, it does allows multiple instances when it’s running in batch mode
  • SVN is really poorly handing binary data such as the art assets. Maybe using Mercurial might be helpful and yet just don’t have a resource to look into it yet.
  • Combining with TDD tools like NUnit will be great and yet there was an unexpected error when handling GUIStyle with NUnit. Should look into more in a near future.
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