Multi-Core Programming

Since I was working on the Super Computer in KISTI, I had a chance to work with OpenMP. CPU is evloving into multi-core and I figured that it would be great to get to know the current trend in development.

Intel provides severial webniar and this is one of them.

8 Oct 2007 Intel Webniar
James Reinders / Chief Evengelist/ Intel
Multi-Core is Mainstream: Are You Ready?

Rules of thumb

  1. Think parallel
  2. Program using abstraction
  3. Program in tasks(chores), not threads(cores).
  4. Design with the option to th
  5. Learn when to lock and how to not do it too much or too little
  6. Use tools and libs for concurrency
  7. Use scalable meory allocators Dont use malloc or new look for other products. many cpus and cache each
  8. Design to scale through increased workloads. Later your program will handle more data. plan for that
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