GDC 2006

1. 일정 및 장소

미국 캘리포니아주 베이 에어리어 샌호제
3월 20일 월요일~3월 24일 금요일
산호제 컨벤션 센터, 페어몬트호텔, 힐튼호텔, 메리어트 호텔, 시빅오디토리엄

2. Keynote

  • Playstation 3: Beyond the Box Phil Harrison Wed 1030~1130
  • Disrupting Development Satoru Iwata Thr 1030~1130
  • What’s next in Design Will Wright Thr 1200~1300

3. Tutorials

  • 111 Physics for Games Programmers Mon 1000~1800
  • 101 Advanced Visual Effects with OpenGL Mon 1000~1800
  • 202 Direct3d Day Mon 1000~1800
  • 206 Microsoft Game Developer Day Mon 1000~1800

4. Sessions

C++ on Next Gen Consoles:Effective Code for New Architectures/ Pete Isensee Dancing with the Wind/Graham Rhodes
Sqeezing Peformance Out of Your Game with ATI Developer Performance Tools and Optimization Techniques(ATI)/ Richard Huddy, Jonathan Zarge
Building a Flexible Game Engine: Abstraction, Indirection and Orthogonality/ Martin sweitzer, Tim Sweeney
Creating World-Class Graphics on the PSP/ Jason Piel, Phil Trumbo
GPAPE: A GPU-Based PVS Visibility Calculating System
The Ancient Temples, the Modern Cities and the Stars: GPU Journeys with the ATI Demo Team(ATI)/ John Isidoro, Nataly Tatarchuk
All About Ninety-Nine Nights:Next-Gen Character Design/SangYoun Lee, ?Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Getting Started with Windows Mobile(Windows Mobile)/ Eric Engineer
Sim, Render, Repeat-An Analysis of Game Loop Architectures/ Michael Balfour, Daniel Martin
NVIDIA Mobile Performance Tools and GPU Performance Tuning(NVIDIA)/ Ashmi Bhanushali
Microsoft Game Developers Hands On Workshop(Microsoft)
OpenGL ES Content Development Post-Mortem on NVIDIA GPUs(NVIDIA)/ Lars Bishop
Ritual:Next-Gen Visual Effects on Direct3D 10/ Douglas Service, Sam Glassenberg
Rendering Ocean Water in the Eden World of Black&White 2/ Francesco Carucci
Collada for Playstation 3/ Richard Stenson
Cross-Platform Shader Development with FX Composer 2(NVIDIA)/ Kevin Bjorke, Christopher Maughan
Feeding the Monster: Advanced Data Packing for Consoles/ Bruno Champoux, Nicolas Fleury
Extremely Practical Shadows/ Tom Forsyth
Threading Full Auto Physics/ David Wu
Variance Shadow Maps(NVIDIA)/ Andrew Laurizen
Next Generation Graphics PG on Xbox 360(Xbox)/ Michael Dougherty
Adnvaced Rendering Techniques(NVIDIA)/ NVIDIA Engineers
Practical Parallax Occlusion Mapping for Highly Detailed Surface Rendering/ Natalya Tatarchuck
Physical Gamplay in HALF-LIFE 2/ Jay Stelly
Play Station University(Sony)/
Advanced Light and Shadow Culling Methods/ Eric Lengyel
Shadow Mapping Tricks and Techniques/ John Isidoro
Lua in Games Roundtable/Davie Dixon, Paul Du Bois
DirectX on the Go:Windows Mobile 5.0(Windows Mobile)/John Macrantonio
Crowd Simulation on PS3/Craig Reynoids
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games-Present and Future/Neil Kirby, Steven Woodcock

5. Award

  • Best in IGF : Darwinia
  • Best in Game Develper Choice Awards
    Shadow of the Colossus(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.)

Atsuko Fukuyama, Hitoshi Niwa, Shunpei Suzuki, Fumito Ueda

Guitar Hero<(Harmonix Music Systems / RedOctane)

Eric Brosius, Kasson Crooker

Psychonauts(Double Fine Productions / Majesco Entertainment Company)

Tim Schafer, Erik Wolpaw
Nintendogs(Nintendo EAD / Nintendo)

Tsutomu Kaneshige, Hideki Konno, Shigeru Miyamoto, Kiyoshi Mizuki

6. Organizations

Game Develper Choice Awards
Independent Games Festival
International Game Developers Association

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